Every loading dock position needs dock bumpers and many often need extension or riser brackets to create the perfectly sized, impact-absorbing solution.

While these brackets offer the solution to getting the protection the dock needs, adding them takes an extra welding step at install. But it doesn’t have to!

IRONguard makes it easy! Simply choose your bumper, choose your bracket and request to weld with the order.  The bumper and bracket will be delivered to you welded and ready for installation, saving you time and effort.

Here’s a refresher on bumper application basics as there are many considerations to be made when choosing the appropriate bumper:

  1. What type of industry is the loading dock for?
  2. What are the minimum bumper protection requirements for the dock usage and conditions?
  3. Does the bumper allow for at least 4” of space between any surface/piece of equipment and the truck?
  4. What are the highest and lowest impact ranges on the dock?
  5. Is the impact location above dock level?

Based on the determinations from 3, 4 and 5 bracketing may be required to ensure that the dock is getting the full protection required.

IRONguard offers bracketing solutions in a variety of sizing for:

  • Above Dock
  • Extension Brackets
  • Bumper Mounting Plates

So, make your installations easier with a bumper & bracket combination!

IRONguard. We know bumpers.