Introducing the Quick Change Propane Valve! This new, more efficient and practical valve will replace the existing Cormack Valves (both the 45 and 90-degree versions).  The Quick Change Valve boasts the following improvements:

  • Fits on ANY forklift
  • Fits on ANY steel propane tank
  • Offers quick and easy installation
  • Is more compact and has fewer parts
  • Uses the factory coupler that comes standard on the truck, requiring less installation

Changing an LPG (liquid propane gas) cylinder can sometimes give a forklift operator a big surprise! The seal in the cylinder valve can fail causing liquid propane gas to spray over the hand or face faster than they can react. Liquid propane vaporizes quickly (-42°C or -44°F) and will cause extreme frostbite if it touches skin. Almost every forklift operator has had a negative experience with liquid propane, and they do not like getting hit with LP Gas!

Help prevent serious thermal injury burns from escaping liquid propane. Take the LPG coupler on and off more easily and safely with the Quick Change Propane Valve.

Design Features:

  • In case of LPG release, the liquid propane is directed away from the hand.
  • The PVC plastic works as an insulator from cold LPG on the brass coupler.
  • All parts are UL rated for forklift LPG applications.

The new Quick Change Valve comes complete for easy installation with:

(1) LPG Safety Grip

(1) Ball Valve (UL Certified)

(1) Individual Pack of Super Glue (to attach safety grip to existing coupler)

(2) Pieces of LPG Safety Tape (to prevent leaks at the attachment points)

Take the nasty surprise of a thermal burn away from changing an LPG cylinder with IRONguard’s Quick Change Propane Valve.


Click Here to Check out the Quick Change Propane Valve Video