While occasional forklift bumps are inevitable in a busy warehouse, when it comes to people, structural elements of buildings, racks and assets, the only acceptable level of impact is ZERO. The best guarding strategy in many danger zones, is to protect them with warehouse tested IRONguard guardrails.

IRONguard’s newly redesigned guardrail systems are now much easier to install! The considerable time savings will help keep installation costs under control.  Here are the highlights:

All rails are fastened the same way.

The post mounting holes are now offset drilled to accommodate through-bolt hardware that makes attaching the mid and bottom rails easier than ever. No more toggle-bolts or trying to reach inside the post!

Added bonus: No more separate top/mid/bottom rail configurations. All rails are the same: easier to price, apply and order!

An enlarged 8” x 8” post base plate gives extra room for more robust 3/4” x 5-1/2” concrete wedge anchors (previously were 1/2” x 4-1/2”).

Updated installation instructions, system planning and approval drawings can all be found HERE (and in the Vault) or on NOMAD, IRONguard’s amazing Mobile Sales Platform.

IRONguard Guardrail Systems: still the Warehouse Workhorse.