IronGuard is pleased to introduce the Portable Safety Zone!  Up to 100 feet of visual barrier…anywhere, anytime.

Before the Portable Safety Zone, facilities had to set up fencing, cones, run tape, etc.  These methods can be inconvenient, often costly and are less likely to be used.  With IronGuard’s Portable Safety Zone, the creation of an indoor, delineated area is a simple, 5-step process:

1. Roll the Portable Safety Zone to one end of the area you wish to delineate.Portable Safety Zone - Machine Maintenance

2. From the carriage, pull out the bases/posts and set them up at the corners of the affected area.

3. Pull the fencing out from the carriage and walk it around the posts.

4. Hook the fencing into the clips on the posts.

5. Tighten and lock the fence in place using the crank handle on the top of the carriage.

Watch our quick video or get more information at our product page.

Portable Safety…anywhere…anytime.