Using Knuffi® just got easier! New Knuffi® Magnetic makes temporary installation a breeze! Easily put them on and take them off any dangerous metal surface and let the heavy magnet do the work. This smart solution will save you time and protects from bumps, scrapes and impacts.

With our new Knuffi® W sharp edges no larger pose a threat. It will easily flex to the thinnest of edges, right down to 0.039” (1mm). And our B profile just got bigger with a larger B+ profile option.

Knuffi® warning and protective bumper guards effectively prevent impact damage and protect your buildings, furnishings and equipment. They absorb even the hardest impacts, effectively reducing the risk of damage to property or injury to personnel.

  • Knuffi® profiles are manufactured from tough, flexible polyurethane foam. The highly visible striping covering warns of danger or restricted access.
  • Knuffi® are used indoors and outdoors along walls, in corridors, on doorway edges, on furniture and on machinery. Vehicles such as lift trucks, mobile equipment, trailers and others can also be protected by Knuffi®.
  • Knuffi® are manufactured using a patented method, which prevents color deterioration and guarantees long life under the toughest operating conditions.
  • Knuffi® performs well in temperatures from -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to 100°C) making them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors, I.e., high traffic areas, hallways, corridors, machinery, forklifts, shelves, gates, and much more.

Knuffi® offers tough, resilient and diverse Bumper Guards, eliminating hazards throughout the warehouse. LEARN MORE