40% of all fatal forklift accidents involve pedestrians. *


There are many factors that can contribute to a forklift accident:

  • Back End Swing
  • Bad sight lines
  • Blind aisles
  • Noise
  • Workers wearing hearing protection or focusing their attention elsewhere

These factors and more can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

The Forklift Arrow Blue and Red Spotters can help prevent these potentially deadly situations. The Forklift Arrow Spotter projects a large, bright arrow, either red or blue in color, on the ground 10 to 20 feet away in front of, or behind the lift truck. This not only alerts the pedestrian of a nearby lift truck, but also indicates to the pedestrian what direction the vehicle is moving in. This can be very useful, particularly around blind corners or trailers.  When a pedestrian or another forklift operator sees the beam on the floor, they are immediately aware the forklift is approaching.  Available in both red and blue lights, users have the option of mounting one in the rear and one in the front of the forklift providing an alert on both ends simultaneously.  They are easy to install and ready in minutes.

The Forklift Arrow Spotter; pointing the way to Forklift Safety.

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