SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards and Flexible Polycarbonate Rail Systems offer an ingenious solution to warehouse vehicle mishaps. Not only do our guarding solutions absorb impact, to protect people and assets, they also offer a softer landing, saving warehouse vehicles. AND they look out for themselves, as they are engineered to bounce back, good as new, rarely needing replacement and avoiding costly concrete repairs, common with other guarding options.

These remarkable guarding options:

  • Absorb impact using patented technology
  • Protect assets, structures and forklifts
  • Prevent costly concrete damage
  • Can withstand the impact of a 15,000lb forklift (SlowStop® 6” Bollard)
  • Absorb and deflect … over and over and over

Check out our new videos on NOMAD to watch how SlowStop® can take a Beating!

While the occasional forklift bump is inevitable in a busy warehouse, when it comes to people, structural elements of buildings, racks and assets, the only acceptable level of impact is ZERO. The best guarding strategy in danger zones, is to block the sensitive area with warehouse-tested bollards, railings and guards.

SlowStop®. Simple, smart, modular.