When a mid-sized car travelling at about 60 miles an hour hits a cement wall, it’s impact is comparable to that of a loaded fork truck travelling at about 4 miles an hour, hitting the same wall.ᶧ  Put into those terms, the potential devastation from a fork truck collision in a warehouse is all too clear.

Load-supporting structural columns and warehouse rack supports are engineered to endure tremendous vertical loads. But, if exposed to a horizontal load, such as a forklift impact, there can be instant, costly and potentially catastrophic consequences because unlike a typical passenger vehicle, a forklift has no impact energy absorption, meaning more destruction will occur.

IRONguard’s SlowStop guardrails and bollards protect people and assets. These revolutionary guarding products are built with patented rebounding technology that not only absorb impact but also offer a softer landing for a warehouse vehicle.  AND they look out for themselves, as they are engineered to bounce back, good as new, rarely needing replacement and avoiding costly concrete repairs, common with other guarding options.

Block. Don’t wrap.  With IRONguard’s SlowStop Rebounding Bollards and Guardrails.


ᶧ Comparison made using the Impulse-Momentum Method.