Led by the flagship and ergonomically-friendly AutoStand Plus, IRONguard is now expanding the most comprehensive line of Trailer Stands in the business by introducing the exclusive Two-Post Trailer Stand!

Designed for lighter loaded trailers at high volume loading docks, the Two-Post Trailer Stand’s patent pending design does what no single post solution can do. With twin, weight-bearing posts; one positioned on either side of the trailer, the Two-Post Trailer Stand helps eliminate BOTH trailer up-ending and trailer tip-over. On a self-contained transport cart, this unique model is easy to get to where it’s needed and back again.

What’s the risk?

When ‘spotted’ on landing gear, for loading and unloading, transport trailers present a critical safety risk. Stressed by the combined weight of cargo and forklifts, trailers can up-end, or landing gear can collapse, creating potentially devastating situations for workers caught within.

Trailer stability is affected by a complex relationship involving number of axles, trailer weight, landing gear placement, weight and placement of cargo, weight and position of forklift and more.

Understanding the load and stability ratings of all the different equipment in the marketplace is beyond the training of most forklift drivers, making every trip into the nose of the trailer a gamble.

When the cab disengages from the trailer, the trailer is at risk of collapse unless a secondary support system is utilized. For strength and support, IRONguard’s line up of portable Trailer Stands can be easily placed under a trailer’s front end to help prevent mishap and tragedy.

Prevent trailer up-ending, landing gear collapse and potentially catastrophic injury with IRONguard’s family of trailer stands. Now, more complete than ever, to cover any dock regardless of size, traffic or load weights.

IRONguard Trailer Stands: giving safety a leg to stand on.