Safety is no accident.

Maintaining a safe environment takes planning and commitment.

Workplace safety requires some thinking ahead; one has to imagine all the ‘What ifs?” and then address them. While every work environment is different, IronGuard has set out to offer an answer to every possible “What if?” that we could think of.

For companies that care about their employees and that are passionate about providing a safe workplace, IronGuard is the perfect partner.

Err on the safe side? (Frankly, we see no error on the safe side.)

We say go ahead and play it safe. And we can help in all these areas.

  • Loading Dock Safety – Bumpers, Wheel Chocks and Trailer Stands
  • Area Protection – Rack, Rail, Door and Column Guarding
  • Don’t Keep Safety a Secret – Signs, Lighting
  • Collision avoidance – Forklift safety systems and more
  • Nytrex™, Knuffi® and other great products sourced from around the world
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Parking Zone Safety

You have Questions?  We have Answers

The MARC Maintenance and Retrieval Cart

MARC Maintenance and Retrieval Cart

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What’s the Big Idea?

If you have an idea for a safety product NOT found here, our Product Development Lab wants to hear from you!

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