Laminated Bumpers

A durable method of protecting loading docks in low to medium traffic applications.

Covered by a 2-Year Replacement Warranty!


  • For use in low to medium traffic loading docks in factories and warehouses.
  • Can be used as rub rails at the sides of truck wells.
  • Customized construction features can accommodate unusual anchoring conditions (i.e. flat plate on one side for welding to dock leveler curb angle).
  • Wall protection to absorb forklift impacts
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A durable method of protecting loading docks in low to medium traffic applications.

Covered by a 2-Year Limited Warranty!

Material & Specifications:

  • Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from recycled truck tires.
  • Rubber pads laminated between steel angles and secured with 3/4” (19mm) rods
  • Bumper is fastened to dock surface with 3/8” (9.5mm) steel angles and/or flat plates depending on the model chosen.
  • Wall mounting hole size is 7/8” (22mm) diameter.

Installation styles available:

  • 4” (102mm), 6” (152mm), 9” (229mm), 10” (254mm) or 12” (305mm) projection. If other projections are required, please reference “Dock Bumper Bracketing”
  • Horizontal or vertical (vertical generally offers the best protection)
  • Standard Model: Angles both sides for anchoring
  • P1 Style: Angle one side for anchoring, flat plate on the other for welding (eg. LB410-14/P1)
  • P2 Style: Flat plate both sides for welding (eg. LVB420-11/P2)



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4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12"


10", 11", 12", 14", 18", 22", 24", 36", 54", 66", 78", 90", 102", 114", 126"


Horizontal, Vertical, Combination, L-Shaped


Standard, P1, P2


LB412-12, LB412-12/P1, LB412-12/P2, LB412-14, LB412-14/P1, LB412-14/P2, LB412-18, LB412-18/P1, LB412-18/P2, LB412-24, LB412-24/P1, LB412-24/P2, LB412-36, LB412-36/P1, LB412-36/P2, LB410-10, LB410-10/P1, LB410-10/P2, LB410-12, LB410-12/P1, LB410-12/P2, LB410-14, LB410-14/P1, LB410-14/P2, LB410-18, LB410-18/P1, LB410-18/P2, LB410-24, LB410-24/P1, LB410-24/P2, LB410-36, LB410-36/P1, LB410-36/P2, LB410-54, LB410-54/P1, LB410-54/P2, LB410-66, LB410-66/P1, LB410-66/P2, LB410-78, LB410-78 /P1, LB410-78/P2, LB410-90, LB410-90/P1, LB410-90/P2, LB410-102, LB410-102/P1, LB410-102/P2, LB410-114, LB410-114/P1, LB410-114/P2, LB410-126, LB410-126/P1, LB410-126/P2, LB610-54, LB610-54/P1, LB610-54/P2, LB610-66, LB610-66/P1, LB610-66/P2, LB610-78, LB610-78/P1, LB610-78/P2, LB610-90, LB610-90/P1, LB610-90/P2, LB610-102, LB610-102/P1, LB610-102/P2, LB610-114, LB610-114/P1, LB610-114/P2, LB610-126, LB610-126/P1, LB610-126/P2, LB910-102, LVB424-11, LVB424-11/P1, LVB424-11/P2, LVB430-11, LVB430-11/P1, LVB430-11/P2, LVB436-11, LVB436-11/P1, LVB436-11/P2, LVB420-11, LVB420-11/P1, LVB420-11/P2, 4" L-Shape, LB910-102, LB612-12, LB612-12/P1, LB612-12/P2, LB612-14, LB612-14/P1, LB612-14/P2, LB612-18, LB612-18/P1, LB612-18/P2, LB612-24, LB612-24/P1, LB612-24/P2, LB612-36, LB612-36/P1, LB612-36/P2, LB610-10, LB610-10/P1, LB610-10/P2, LB610-12, LB610-12/P1, LB610-12/P2, LB610-14, LB610-14/P1, LB610-14/P2, LB610-18, LB610-18/P1, LB610-18/P2, LB610-24, LB610-24/P1, LB610-24/P2, LB610-36, LB610-36/P1, LB610-36/P2, 6" L-Shape, LVB620-11, LVB620-11/P1, LVB620-11/P2, LVB624-11, LVB624-11/P1, LVB624-11/P2, LVB630-11, LVB630-11/P1, LVB630-11/P2, LVB636-11, LVB636-11/P1, LVB636-11/P2, LB810-12, LB810-12/P1, LB810-12/P2, LB810-14, LB810-14/P1, LB810-14/P2, LB810-18, LB810-18/P1, LB810-18/P2, LB810-24, LB810-24/P1, LB810-24/P2, LB810-36, LB810-36/P1, LB810-36/P2, LB812-12, LB812-12/P1, LB812-12/P2, LB812-14, LB812-14/P1, LB812-14/P2, LB812-18, LB812-18/P1, LB812-18/P2, LB812-24, LB812-24/P1, LB812-24/P2, LB812-36, LB812-36/P1, LB812-36/P2, LVB820-11, LVB820-11/P1, LVB820-11/P2, LVB824-11, LVB824-11/P1, LVB824-11/P2, LVB830-11, LVB830-11/P1, LVB830-11/P2, LVB836-11, LVB836-11/P1, LVB836-11/P2, LB910-12, LB910-12/P1, LB910-12/P2, LB910-14, LB910-14/P1, LB910-14/P2, LB910-18, LB910-18/P1, LB910-18/P2, LB910-24, LB910-24/P1, LB910-24/P2, LB910-36, LB910-36/P1, LB910-36/P2, LB912-12, LB912-12/P1, LB912-12/P2, LB912-14, LB912-14/P1, LB912-14/P2, LB912-18, LB912-18/P1, LB912-18/P2, LB912-24, LB912-24/P1, LB912-24/P2, LB912-36, LB912-36/P1, LB912-36/P2, LVB920-11, LVB920-11/P1, LVB920-11/P2, LVB924-11, LVB924-11/P1, LVB924-11/P2, LB1010-12, LB1010-12/P1, LB1010-12/P2, LB1010-14, LB1010-14/P1, LB1010-14/P2, LB1010-18, LB1010-18/P1, LB1010-18/P2, LB1010-24, LB1010-24/P1, LB1010-24/P2, LB1010-36, LB1010-36/P1, LB1010-36/P2, LB1012-12, LB1012-12/P1, LB1012-12/P2, LB1012-14, LB1012-14/P1, LB1012-14/P2, LB1012-18, LB1012-18/P1, LB1012-18/P2, LB1012-24, LB1012-24/P1, LB1012-24/P2, LB1012-36, LB1012-36/P1, LB1012-36/P2, LB1012-54, LVB1020-11, LVB1020-11/P1, LVB1020-11/P2, LVB1024-11, LVB1024-11/P1, LVB1024-11/P2, LVB1030-11, LVB1030-11/P1, LVB1030-11/P2, LVB1036-11, LVB1036-11/P1, LVB1036-11/P2, LB1210-12, LB1210-12/P1, LB1210-12/P2, LB1210-14, LB1210-14/P1, LB1210-14/P2, LB1210-18, LB1210-18/P1, LB1210-18/P2, LB1210-24, LB1210-24/P1, LB1210-24/P2, LB1210-36, LB1210-36/P1, LB1210-36/P2, LB1212-12, LB1212-12/P1, LB1212-12/P2, LB1212-14, LB1212-14/P1, LB1212-14/P2, LB1212-18, LB1212-18/P1, LB1212-18/P2, LB1212-24, LB1212-24/P1, LB1212-24/P2, LB1212-36, LB1212-36/P1, LB1212-36/P2, LVB1220-11, LVB1220-11/P1, LVB1220-11/P2, LVB1224-11, LVB1224-11/P1, LVB1224-11/P2, LVB1230-11, LVB1230-11/P1, LVB1230-11/P2, LBVB1236-1, LVB1236-11/P1, LVB1236-11/P2, LB412-054, LB412-054/P1, LB412-054/P2, LB412-066, LB412-066/P1, LB412-066/P2, LB412-078, LB412-078/P1, LB412-078/P2, LB412-090, LB412-090/P1, LB412-090/P2, LB412-102, LB412-102/P1, LB412-102/P2, LB412-114, LB412-114/P1, LB412-114/P2, LB412-126, LB412-126/P1, LB412-126/P2, LB612-054, LB612-054/P1, LB612-054/P2, LB612-066, LB612-066/P1, LB612-066/P2, LB612-078, LB612-078/P1, LB612-078/P2, LB612-090, LB612-090/P1, LB612-090/P2, LB612-102, LB612-102/P1, LB612-102/P2, LB612-114, LB612-114/P1, LB612-114/P2, LB612-126, LB612-126/P1, LB612-126/P2, LB406-14, LB406-14/P1, LB406-14/P2, LB406-18, LB406-18/P1, LB406-18/P2, LB406-24, LB406-24/P1, LB406-24/P2, LB406-36, LB406-36/P1, LB406-36/P2, EC0-LB412-14, EC0-LB410-12, EC0-LB410-14, EC0-LB410-24, EC0-LVB420-11, ECO-LB412-36

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