Portable Barricades

IronGuard's new Portable Safety Zone gives you 100 feet of highly visible fencing and 4 sets of posts, bases and clips, all stored together in an easily maneouvered frame that makes it quick and easy to set up barricades anywhere...anytime. The old way to mark a potential safety hazard was to set up some orange cones and run a little yellow tape around them, or to haul out some fencing and find something to prop it up in place. With our new barrier system, you simply wheel out the self-contained system, set the bases and posts exactly where you need them, and lock the orange fencing in place. The result is a safety barricade that is much more stable than a propped-up fence, much more visible than a bit of tape, and much safer (and easier) for your team.

Watch this video to see the Portable Safety Zone in action!:

Whether you need a portable barricade to protect your people or a temporary barrier to safeguard your equipment, do it quickly and easily anywhere...anytime with IronGuard's Portable Safety Zone. Request a quote from our product page or email us at info@ironguardsafety.com to discuss your needs.