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The best safety barrier is the one that actually gets used. With our handy system on wheels, setting up a safe perimeter is quick and easy, and well worth the little bit of time it takes to ensure a safe work environment.  Contact us today to learn more about how our Portable Safety Zone can save you time and money. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

IronGuard is the perfect partner for companies that care about their employees. From the parking lot to the loading dock, to the interior spaces of your warehouse or industrial facility, maintaining a safe work environment takes planning, commitment, and the right products.

IronGuard's new Portable Safety Zone gives you 100 feet of highly visible fencing and 4 sets of posts, bases and clips, all stored together in an easily maneouvered frame that makes it quick and easy to set up barricades anywhere...anytime. The old way to mark a potential safety hazard was to set up some orange cones and run a little yellow tape around them, or to haul out some fencing and find something to prop it up in place. With our new barrier system, you simply wheel out the self-contained system, set the bases and posts exactly where you need them, and lock the orange fencing in place. The result is a safety barricade that is much more stable than a propped-up fence, much more visible than a bit of tape, and much safer (and easier) for your team.  IRONguard is passionate about protecting people and profits through safety. Are you aware that the use of forklift safety cages is contrary to safe practices for accessing high density racking structures? Moreover, racking systems themselves are not designed for operator access. Nevertheless, there are many instances when it is necessary for your staff to perform tasks at height (and at depth within racks, as well) such as; man-handling stuck pallets or spilled product to clear jams, servicing the rack structure and other components at height, inspecting the structure and the products it contains, and more. All of these tasks are extremely dangerous, to both the operator performing the task and those on the ground, without benefit of an engineered anchor point, among other safety measures. The MARC is the engineered safe zone that eliminates unsafe entry into racking systems. Talk to us today about a product demonstration. Watch this video to see The MARC in action!:


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You will find many uses for our Portable Safety Zone, whether it's creating a visual barrier to protect your employee during equipment inspections, cordoning off a safe space while a forklift operator is in action, securing a hazardous area temporarily, or protecting your maintenance personnel as they move from one task to the next.

A portable safety barricade is not only useful in warehouse and industrial settings - it's also perfect for the construction site. Even if you've set up long-term fencing around the entire perimeter of your job site, there may be times and places where a smaller temporary barricade or a portable barrier is useful. If so, the Portable Safety Zone is up to the task with 100 feet of safety orange fencing in a self-contained mobile unit, easily transported and set up by one person.   How do you prevent unsafe climbing in high density rack systems? The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) is loaded using standard material handling equipment and then inserts and locates into the rack system easily using integrated alignment guides. The MARC is an engineered 'safe zone' to access deep inside rack systems at height. The MARC creates safe access to spilled product, stuck pallets or push back trays. Watch this video for more information:   

The IronGuard brand stands for safety. With an amazing array of over 600 products from our innovative design lab and our network of top producers around the world, IronGuard delivers a comprehensive line of products developed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety and protection in mind.

The great beauty of the Portable Safety Zone is the 'portable' part. And the fact that it's easily portable means that it's also well-suited to temporary uses. It's quick and it's simple to bring it out, set it up, and get on with the task at hand, so there's never any need to skimp on safety anywhere...anytime. Our barrier system comes complete in a compact and easily transportable unit fitted with wheels. With a weight of about 250 lbs, and small enough to fit through a standard doorway, it's easy to roll out to wherever it's needed. Once on site, just position the bases, pull the retractable fencing out around the posts and lock it in place. When the job is done, simply unlock the clips, wind the fence back into its storage caddy and replace the bases and posts onboard. Its slim design takes up little space for easy storage.  One of the newest products to come out of our design lab is a plastic barrier system that provides a sturdy and highly visible safety zone. While the fencing itself is a lightweight plastic, the rest of the construction is in powder coated steel for strength and durability, not only of the posts, but also of the safety orange colour that helps to create an unmistakable barrier. See more of our protection products for warehouse and industrial applications. We're built for safety.  

Watch this video to see the Portable Safety Zone in action!:

Whether you need a portable barricade to protect your people or a temporary barrier to safeguard your equipment, do it quickly and easily anywhere...anytime with IronGuard's Portable Safety Zone. Request a quote from our product page or email us at info@ironguardsafety.com to discuss your needs.

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MARC Maintenance and Retrieval Cart

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